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                                                     Our Family Farm

Willow Spring Farms is owned and operated by Bill and Donna Roukema.  The farm is located in beautiful, western Wisconsin just an hour east of the Twin Cities.  When we moved here in 1992, we named our farm "Willow Spring Farm" after the natural springs that feed the Willow River South Fork as  it meanders through the farms acreage.  Feed corn, soybeans and alfalfa hay along with beef cattle, goats and sheep are raised on the farm.

Our original 231 acre farm was purchased in 1992 from Kenneth and Helen Salmon.   Kenneth's grandfather, an Irish immigrant, bought the land in 1880 from the Northwest Railroad.   In 1910, the railroad pushed through the area using slushers and 43 teams of horses to lay the rail tracks.   Kenneth spoke of the tent village that grew on the western edge of the farm during this time and how the rail workers would come to the house for food and water.

The first house on the farm, built in 1880, was located down by the creek next to the springs that bubble up freely even during the coldest part of winter.  No picture of that first house has been found.  House number two, built in 1900, was a log house located up by the road.  Later the log exterior was covered with white siding as a sign of more prosperous times.

The third house on the original farm, our house, was built in 1923.  It is a typical Wisconsin two-story square farm house.  It is built of wired-faced brick and boasts 13 inch thick double brick exterior walls.  

In 1998, we purchased a neighboring additional 119 acres from James and Sharleen Croes.  This land adjoined our original western boundry making us 350 acres in size.  After this purchase we added the "S" to our farm name, and became " Willow Spring Farms" of Emerald, Wisconsin..  


                                   House #2 built in 1900.                             House # 3 (our home) built in 1923.                          119 acres added in 1998


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