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         Welcome to Willow Spring Farms, owned & operated by Bill and Donna Roukema.                    Our farm is located in Emerald Township, St. Croix County, Wisconsin.

    We raise Boer Goats, Polled Hereford Cattle and Commercial Sheep for local breeders,                                                            and meat and fiber markets.  

Our goats, cattle and sheep are raised the way nature intended.  They graze our pastures from May through October and are fed our home grown alfalfa & grass hay and grain through the winter months.  Their dietary protein comes from our hay and grain and never animal by-products.  Our animals are free of antibiotics and growth enhancing hormones.









                                                                                        Telephone:  1-715-265-7441      Email:                                                                                                  Goats, cattle and sheep raised the way nature intended!