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                               Willow Spring Farms of Emerald, Wisconsin raises Boer and comercial meat goats.                              

     Our goat herd was started in Fall 2005 with 3 Registered Boer goats including our starting sire General, and a few Nubian and      mixed dairy goats.  Our objective was to learn about the different goat breeds while comparing their needs and differences to      the sheep and cattle.  Our goats forage freely through the Wisconsin growing season keeping the summer weed crop down      around the farm.  They are fed our home grown hay and grain through the winter months and never receive growth hormones             or unnecessary antibiotics.

                                                                    Our current sire is KING GEORGE, "George".


                             "George" is the offspring of RHJ RIO BRAVO, a 100% Boer IBGA registered buck with Enobled bloodlines                                                                                           on both his Dam and Sire sides.


                                                                                          GENERAL SOLID ROHO "General"


                                                 "General" was our herd sire through 2008.  This gentle giant was a 100% Red Boer, registered with IBGA.                                                                  He was a son  of "Tornado Red" and a grandson of "Roho Red." 


                                                                                  Pictured here are some of our 2009 kid crop.



                                                                                             Telephone:  1-715-265-7441      Email:                                                                                                        Goats, cattle and sheep raised the way nature intended!  

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