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Polypay & Commercial Sheep

                               Willow Spring Farms of Emerald, Wisconsin raises a Polypay cross comercial sheep.


Through the years we have had several varieties of sheep and have found the Polypay breed to be gentle, excellent mothers producing fast growing twins and triplets each year.  In 2005 we introduced a Border Leister ram to improve the wool quality of our sheep.  The Border Leister breed is known for strong, fast growing lambs and long, luxurious wool enjoyed by hand spinners.  In 2008 we introduced a black, half Bluefaced Leicester/half Wenslydale ram to our flock.  Wenslydales are a blue-faced, naturally polled, long wool breed known for their fine curly fleece.  The addition of Bluefaced Leister in our market lambs has produced a milder tasting lamb that dress out heavier than some other crosses.  Ziggy has brought both of these fine traits to our flock.


                                                                Meet "Ziggy", born Spring 2008.  He is a triplet with 2 white brothers and produces both black and white lambs.


                                                                                              "Ed" was our 100% Border Leister ram and lead sire through 2009.


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